About Us

AMB Designs is a contemporary women's line founded in 2003 by Chilean artist and designer Ana Maria Bartley. Ana creates artful "second skin" tops that are flattering for any body type. 

We create pieces to reflect every woman's personality, from classic essentials to bold statement prints, because we believe some layers are meant to be shown off. Most of our prints are hand-painted and hand-dyed, which makes each garment a truly unique piece of wearable art. 

We aim to fight overproduction in the fashion business by crafting most of our tops to order, eliminating the need for excess stock and waste. AMB is a fully women-owned and operated business based in Miami, Fl.

Our tops can be found in over 400 stores (and counting) all over the US and Canada. 


 Our styles are all One Size fits Most, which means you don’t have to stock up on several sizes.

• Most of our products ship within 2-3 days of over receipt, allowing retailers to bank on fast, reliable fulfillment. This makes us truly unique.

• Our price points are always competitive.

• Because we have developed our own sublimation and dyeing techniques in-house, we guarantee you will never find anything similar elsewhere. Our styles are totally original and always evolving.

• Instead of launching entire seasons that require ordering months ahead of time, we operate on a constant flow of designs that are immediately available.

• Our tops are wearable year-round. They make ideal layering pieces for cold weather, and fabulous statement tops for warmer weather.